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Japanese massage in amstelveen of the Netherlands.

Relax massage Monta

 Body / Feet / Head&Face / Facial / Mix


We can come visit you for a massage anywhere in the Netherlands.

                                Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Other area.

By delicately massaging the muscles, we provide a relaxing & refreshing experience, leaving you feeling revitalized. We recommend the massages for after work, after sports activities, and even for individuals who do not have any physical problems. You can simply enjoy a massage as a reward for yourself. Japanese massage in Amstelveen of the Netherlands.


Relax massage Monta Wait room
Relax massage Monta Wait room


*Massage is received in a clothes.

    If desired we can provide a change of clothes for during the massage.



*We have a waiting room. 



Our salon offers massages of various strength levels. Please request how hard or soft you want the massage to be.